Sunday, May 24, 2009

Twitter spam?

If you have a Twitter account, undoubtedly, you have clicked on the people being followed by others that you trust.

Unfortunately, people with immoral content on third party sites are aware of this and so they follow you hoping to get some clicks. I discovered it when I clicked on the account of someone who chose to follow me. Her picture was rather....seductive. Upon going to her twitter account, I discovered nothing but pitches to visit a certain site where her photos could be seen. I didn't need to go there, I just blocked her.

I have been blocking on average 2-3 people daily. Some of these folks are indeed selling something while others are leading unsuspecting souls to pornographic material and the like.

My suggestion - screen those who are following you and DON'T follow someone arbitrarily because they are following you. Just click on their name and see what kind of tweets they are making. You will easily be able to discern true followers from those participating in a type of "Twitter spam".

It's sad to see how many people took the bait and are now "following" some of these folks.

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