Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Pope's new webpage: Pope 2 You

Pope Benedict XVI stresses, in the video message below, use of the internet to share the faith, and to evangelize. In particular, he asks young people to use communication tools of today, to grow the faith.

The Holy See has launched a new website: It is a webportal to the many new applications launched in the past year or so, by the Holy See, to make the Pope more accessible. I'm finding even a growing number of middle-aged people who are getting into it. Heh - is he on Twitter yet?

Right now, the site will take you to the Vatican's You Tube channel, Facebook page, Wiki-Cath, and a site for Vatican iPhone apps.

Just think....the monks of yesterday were putting great works into readable format. Now, I can only envision these same religious orders putting the great works into digital format for things like iPhone, Kindle, and more.

Here is a video from the Vatican's You Tube Channel just posted...

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