Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Local Canon Lawyer Challenges Abp Wuerl's Interpretation of Canon Law on Politicians and Holy Communion

I'm a little late getting this out due to the busy schedule I've had over the past two weeks, but it's better late than never.

Canon Lawyer, Ed Peters, who teaches at nearby Sacred Heart Major Seminary, and writes periodically on his own blog, In Light of the Law, looks closely at the words of Archbishop Donald Wuerl as they appeared in a "Inside Politics Daily" article: Wuerl: Why I Won't Deny Pelosi Communion.

I don't want to repeat the relevant quotes because Peter's isolates them in his eloquently written post. He presents the quotes offered in the original article, then offers some insight on those things.

Go read: A response to Abp. Wuerl's claims that canon law supports his inaction in regard to Nancy Pelosi. Do read the footnotes.

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