Sunday, May 31, 2009

Breaking: Late Term abortionist George Tiller murdered at his church

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George Tiller - often dubbed "Tiller the Killer" by pro-life groups for his involvement in late-term abortions, was shot and killed just after 10:00am today at Reformation Lutheran Church where he was an usher. His wife was in the choir loft when it happened.

A suspect was in custody, but no further details have been given.

The Catholic Church teaches that the ends do not justify the means (Veritatis Splendor - 75). Hence, killing someone to end the evil of abortion is not aligned with our faith.

As reprehensible as his work was, this is not how problems are solved. I pray for his soul and for the family.

Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life released a statement, that reflects my thoughts:

“I am saddened to hear of the killing of George Tiller this morning. At this point, we do not know the motives of this act, or who is behind it, whether an angry post-abortive man or woman, or a misguided activist, or an enemy within the abortion industry, or a political enemy frustrated with the way Tiller has escaped prosecution. We should not jump to conclusions or rush to judgment.

“But whatever the motives, we at Priests for Life continue to insist on a culture in which violence is never seen as the solution to any problem. Every life has to be protected, without regard to their age or views or actions.”

Of course, the mainstream media is not bothering to notice what pro-life workers like Fr. Frank Pavone have to say. They are looking for anything they can to exploit the notion that the pro-life movement in general is a radical fringe movement. Read some of the secular media stories and you will notice one pro-life advocate stands out.....because he fed them precisely what they were looking for.

UPDATE: Matthew Archbold at CMR has done some googling of a name thrown out as the possible suspect and turned up some interesting results of what someone by the same name posted online about Tiller and his clinic.

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