Friday, May 29, 2009

Fr. Alberto Cutie leaves Catholic Church...

Curt Jester has the story in this post: Pelvic theology trumps ecclesiology.

I have been monitoring it since this all began, but have not wanted to give him any further publicity than he was seeking. His appearance on the Early Morning Show so quickly after a meeting with his bishop was all I needed to see.

Curt Jester makes an important, fundamental catechetical point: True love involves wanting salvation for those you claim to love. Fr. Cutie not only places his own soul at risk with his actions, but he leads this woman down the same path (and only God knows how many people - poorly catechized - will leave the Catholic Church with him).

Concupiscence is always waiting to be fed. That is why we need to pray for our priests. Since discussion of consupiscence has been largely absent from the pulpit, it makes me wonder if it is even taught in certain seminaries. Once it is thoroughly understood, we realize the importance of not putting ourselves at the buffet table of the world and quicky getting out of the "near occasion of sin". We learn that taming the will requires self-denial of small things to conquer the great things. A soldier's combat training, regardless of how rigorous, can never fully prepare him for war, but trying fighting a battle without it! The training makes it easier, and so it is with the spiritual battle we engage in every day because of Original Sin.

We should also consider how fame can provide an added level of difficulty in dealing with concupiscence. It feeds other lower apetites. Some are strong enough to withstand it. I have always been uncomfortable with Cutie's "Fr. Oprah" status. I had a concern for him and how his popularity could be affecting his judgment.

Pray for Fr. Alberto Cutie, and make an act of reparation today.

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