Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Awesome Analysis by Fr. Z of Dissident Spin in NCR Article

It calls itself the National Catholic Reporter (NCR). I can't help but call it the National "catholic" Rag (and the "c" is not capitilized intentionally).

These kinds of analyses are particularly valuable because when you read things such as the article dissected by Fr. Z, you know some things are wrong and it gets under your skin, but you don't always know why. After Father puts a floodlight on it, you will find that he expresses what you seem to know, but can't quite express.

Father repeats certain things because they keep showing up and he is right. For example, one point he has stressed is that numbers, polls, popular opinion, etc., matter to dissidents. We need to always keep in mind that Our Lord was hung on a cross through popular vote. Also, if the majority of a population believed that stealing was ok, would it change it's moral status?

Another recurring theme in articles by dissidents is that if you support the Church's teachings without eqivocation, then you don't care about the poor or the marginalized. This is utter nonsense. It's actually just a little bait and switch.

Go read: Anxious NCR editorial - They KNOW they are losing and they are terrified!

I just wonder how much longer the Church will allow the NCR to use the name "Catholic". It should be renamed, if not to the Rag, to the NCinoR - the National Catholic-in-name-only Reporter.

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