Friday, May 29, 2009

Archbishop Nienstedt: "The truths of the faith are not open to debate"

Each year Rainbow Sash goes to the Cathedral of St. Paul (Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis), wearing.....rainbow sashes to protest the Church's teachings on homosexuality. The Mass is often disrupted, especially at Communion.

Archbishop Nienstedt, who originates from Michigan, wrote a letter back to the group after they notified him of their intent again this year (keep in mind, that Nienstedt took the helm of the diocese from Archbishop Harry Flynn in early May 2008 about one year as co-adjutor. Hence, he has had time to warm up the throne).

I write to acknowledge your letter of May 10, 2009, alerting me to the fact that you and some fellow protesters will be wearing rainbow sashes at the noon Mass on Pentecost in the Cathedral of St. Paul. I ask yo to refrain from such a public act of dissent, especially as it so clearly shows disrespect and irreverence for the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

Anyone wearing a “rainbow sash” will not be permitted to receive Holy Communion, since their dissent is a sign that they have publicly broken communion with the Church’s teaching. I also ask that those not wearing the sashes refrain from sharing the Holy Eucharist with those who do. Such an action is unbecoming the dignity of the sacrament.

With regard to the dialogue you request, it would first be essential that you state clearly that you hold with the conviction all that the Church teaches on matters of human sexuality. If you do not believe, then there cannot be dialogue, but only debate. The truths of our faith are not open to debate.

Again, I hope you will see how disruptive your planned protest will be for those who will gather on Pentecost to pray. I ask you to refrain from being the cause of such disruption.

Fr. Z looks closely at the archbishop's letter and comments. Of course, his very lively combox offers more reading.

H/T to Stella Borealis - the originating post.

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