Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another long day....at least Twitter feed is updated

I went in to work at 6:00am, and just walked in the door a little after 9:00pm, following some things I needed to get done with my mom. I'm heading off to bed now for another early start at work tomorrow, but not before having gotten my Twitter feed updated with some interesting things out there.

Check it out: http://twitter.com/TeDeumBlog

Once again, for those who do not know about Twitter, it is a micro-blogging site. Those twittering (or leaving tweets) are limited to a certain number of characters so there are many abbreviations. RT is a common thing seen in tweets. It means "re-tweet". It's a way of acknowledging the source of the original tweet. Sometimes several people are acknowledged.

Click on some of those names next to RT and view their feeds for interesting new. You don't have to join to read, but if you want to follow certain feeds, you will need to create a free Twitter account.

It helps to truncate long url's using something like http://bit.ly. You paste in an url and it gives you back a truncated one that uses fewer characters, which helps because you are limited.

Thus far, I think Twitter offers the fastest way to see what news is hot and breaking. Many times, I just cannot get in to blog, like tonight, but it only takes a few minutes to re-tweet what I see in other feeds I'm checking.

Those following on Plurk and Facebook should know that I update Twitter far more often than I get into the other two accounts.

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