Thursday, August 7, 2008

Real Catholic TV - On the Internet!

Fantastic news.... I'm more excited about this than ever after seeing the on!

Those locally in Detroit and some other areas who had exposure to the works of St. Michael's Media will enjoy something new upon which they are embarking that will not limit their audience. They have recognized that many people, especially young people, spend more hours on the internet than watching TV. And, that an internet TV station reaches anyone, anywhere, anytime. The audience is global and is only limited by language barrier and internet connection.

Hence, they have created an internet TV "station", called Real Catholic TV, that is still in development, but looks interesting and will be a great spiritual watering hole for people of all ages.

Visit and bookmark and check back at the Real Catholic TV blog for updates and news...

Click the snapshot below and it will take you to a "development page" which gives you some idea of what is coming. Michael Voris gives an overview of Real Catholic TV. I love the fact that there is a place for bishops and cardinals to be seen and heard easily by anyone, anwhere, anytime.

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