Monday, August 25, 2008

Nancy Pelosi misrepresents Catholic teaching; Rush Limbaugh calls her out on it...

See many updates below with links to USCCB statement and statement by Archbishiop Chaput of Denver. Check back for updates.

Nancy Pelosi (D-California) blatantly butchered Catholic teaching on Meet the Press. It's one thing for a Catholic politician to take a viewpoint which is contrary to truth and Catholic teaching. It's quite another when that politician presents her viewpoint as a Catholic, creating grave scandal.

I don't have time to make any kind of extensive post on this, but I want to lead you to two posts made by Fr. Z on this topc.

First, the inteview of Nancy Pelosi on Meet the Press in which she butchered Catholic teaching on when life begins. Father has embedded video. Hopefully, Archbishop Nierdauer of San Francisco was watching. If not, perhaps someone can send him a link to the video clip.

Second, Rush Limbaugh goes after her words with a heavy dose of catechesis. Whether you like Rush Limbaugh or not, go read that transcript. Even the dialogue with the caller was good.


Note: Still nothing on the Archdiocese of San Francisco's website by Archbishop Nierdauer (update: there is a link to the USCCB statement, but it would be good to see a personal statement out her home diocesse). She called herself an "ardent, practicing Catholic" before showing her total ignorance of teaching on national television, creating grave scandal.

Fr. Z has a single post up which collects all of his entries, including reaction from more sources, on Pelosi's outrageous "explanation" on Church teaching. Watch for updates there.

Go read: Recent WDTPRS Pelosi gaff entries, and Father's excellent commentary: Opportunity.

Great time to consider this again: Bishops Ask Catholics To Pray Election Novena

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Tip Top said...

Imagine! Being given Catholic dogma by a person that doesn't even attend church, not even on Christmas, or Easter. Unless you consider his Sundays on the golf course. With Rush your rights begin at conception, and end at birth.

Agnes said...

Ms. Pelosi is obviously an ardent, practicing member of the so-called
"Catholics" for a Free Choice, where one makes God into one's own image and likeness. The True God and Father does give us a free choice: Life or Death - a blessing or a curse. He even gives us the answer to the test:
CHOOSE LIFE - so that you and your descendants may LIVE, and that it may go well with you... what happens when you choose the wrong answer? May God have Mercy on us, and not deliver us up to our enemies, nor abandon us to ourselves. Most Holy Mother of God, destroyer of all heresies, pray for us, and for our erring bretheren!