Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lifesite: Pro-Life Dems Abandoning Obama in New Gallup Poll

Interesting stats from Gallup (emphasis mine in bold, and extra emphasis in blue):

The Gallup survey shows Democrats who say they are conservative on issues like abortion supported Obama at a 72 percentage point clip in mid-July.

Now, that level of support has fallen to just 63 percent -- dropping steadily since then during a time Obama has come under fire nationally for his opposition to a bill to provide medical care for newborns who survive abortion.

Obama has lost 5 percentage points with pro-life Democrats in the last few days alone as McCain has bashed him for opposing the anti-infanticide bill and Obama hurt his own case further by picking pro-abortion Sen. Joe Biden as his running mate.
Full article from LifeSite:

If you have difficulty comprehending the idea that aborted babies who happent to survive the procedure have been left on a shelf to die a cold death, spend some time at Jill Stanek's site. She was a nurse at an Evangelical hospital that performed abortions and blew the cover off of the practice, losing her job. On August 21st, she was interviewed on Fox.

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