Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Interesting headlines and....Assumption Day photo update

I haven't been posting much because I haven't been home. It's been a very busy time since the Assumption, with two birthdays, and two doctor appointments this week as followup to my mother's recent hospitalization (she is doing very well). I still have not even touched the vast majority of photos from throughout that beautiful day. Stay tuned, those are coming and there is some devotional and liturgical eye-candy among them.

In the News
In my quick scans early this morning and at lunch time, there are some very interesting titles to pass along to you. Of all places, a secular news source, The Detroit News featured an article on Catholics and Natural Family Planning. It was fine in the early going until for some odd reason, the author felt the need to ask dissident Catholics from "Elephants in the Living Room" for an opinion. It's like asking a vegetarian to what "doneness" he likes his prime rib. Moving right along..... The article does quote Dr. Janet Smith of Sacred Heart Major Seminary, who has a Conference on Humanae Vitae coming up on September 20th.

Next up, is a great article Fr. Z has on his blog (with his own commentary). It's about Archbishop Raymond L. Burke and anti-life politicians and those Catholics who support abortion. There is something in that article for every Catholic worth pondering. Go read: Archbp. Burke on a global problem: marginalizing faith in the “private” sphere (WDTPRS).

Along similar lines: Archbishop Chaput speaks on Catholics' political duties.

And, the USCCB is asking Catholics to pray an Election Day Novena.

In other news, there are interesting developments on people to be beatified soon: The parents of St. Therese and the Confessor of St. Faustina.

On a final note, I have been following some very sad developments in the Diocese of Leeds (UK). Here are some headlines from Damian Thompson of the UK Telegraph.

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