Saturday, August 23, 2008

EWTN Special: The Nun

I have been getting spoiled each Saturday evening by EWTN's Global Showcase at 8:00pm. They have some very good programs on, sometimes with captions because they are in foreign languages.

This evening, they featured a film that was made in Sweden, about a girl in a Catholic family who pursues life as a Carmelite nun. It was not in English, but had captions to read. I didn't care, because it was a great film. It shows not only how the girl grew into her vocation once she left home, but how the family was impacted by her vocation. Those who become cloistered Carmelites have such a strong belief in the power of prayer that they devote their lives to it. Any bishop worth his salt, will want such a cloister in his backyard.

I believe EWTN will let you watch this film right online. It shows again in about 5 hours (2am Detroit time, then again on the 28th of August at 1:00pm Detroit time).

See the EWTN Special Programming guide here and look for, "The Nun".

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