Saturday, August 30, 2008

Blatant Bias at the Peacock Network

Media bias is no stranger to pro-lifers and people with authentic Christian values who face it all the time. The peacock network, MSNBC, didn't waste anytime throwing a sucker punch against Governor Palin. Look carefully at the "Breaking News" banner Fox News captured from MSNBC as Gov. Palin was giving her speech: It reads, "How many houses does Palin add to the Republican ticket?"

A good article on this appeared on The Newsvine: Disgrace: MSNBC Continues to Sully Peacock Brand with Palin Smear.

I agree with the article that it was totally unprofessional. It is more like a sophmoric prank. But, it goes beyond the banner and into some of the hosts.

Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell, called out media coverage on Obama biased and embarassing at MSNBC, saying Fox News was actually the most fair and balanced during the Democratic National Convention.

Boycott NBC! Whether it happened to a democrat or a republican is not the issue. This kind of thing shouldn't happen to anyone, no matter the party.

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