Friday, August 15, 2008

Ave! Ave! Ave, Maria!: A Glorious Assumption Day Ending

It is a few minutes after midnight and already, I share with you what took place yesterday.

I will leave you with some of the finest shots of the post Mass procession and serenade to the Blessed Mother. I got the distinct impression that we had many more people there this year. It was Grotto's first Assumption Day Mass in the Extraordinary Form at the Grotto,and perhaps the first Solemn High Mass, ever. No one seems to be sure.

More photos to follow. I have much editing to do. Check back in tomorrow and Sunday.

In this next shot, if you look carefully to the left somewhat in the background, behind the main crowd, you will see the candles of many still processing all the way toward's the front gates, along the Stations of the Cross path that leads to the Crucifixion (looks like a horizontal line of light). I was stunned that perhaps some 8-10 minutes after Fr. Perrone had gotten back to the Grotto itself, to see people packed in, and still processing way out yet.

Changing the time exposure creates a starburst effect with any lights, in this case, lights hanging on the trees.

At the end of the evening, Our Lord is being reposed back into the main Tabernacle in Church.

EDIT: Photos from the evening Solemn High Mass have now been posted....Assumption 2008: The Evening Mass at the Outdoor Grotto
More photos:
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