Thursday, August 14, 2008

7:00pm Traditional Latin Mass on August 15th - Booklets for Sale

I just got word from Fr. Perrone that Mass booklets will be sold for the 7:00pm "Tridentine" Mass. The Extraordinary Form booklets that we have for Sunday are not something they want to leave out for August 15th as it has cost the parish considerable amounts to have them printed.

Likewise, they could not afford to simply print these and give them away.

I don't have the price, but I'm sure it will be a modest one, booklets for those who don't have missals, will be available.

Do bring your missal if you do have one.

Remember, it is not necessary that you follow along in any missal at all. Some people like to know what is going on and what the priest is saying in Latin and when praying silently. For hundreds of years, and actually much longer, the faithful, including many saints, assisted at Holy Mass in Latin without anything like a hand missal. They didn't even have the benefit of the readings necessarily in the vernacular.

Assumption Grotto does provide the readings in the vernacular, so you won't need a missal for that.

For all the rest, if you don't have an aid, just meditate on the Eucharist during those silent times.

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