Friday, June 27, 2008

Photos forthcoming...

UPDATE AT 2:45pm SATURDAY: Still working, but nearly complete. I must break to take my mother to Mass and will resume work this evening. There are 149 pictures that will be viewable at a third-party site and approximatley 30+ of those were uploaded to a blogpost that is in draft. I just need to put the final notes onto it before I can post it.

I'm in editing mode right now for literally hundreds of photos taken during today's Mass and burial of miscarried and aborted infants at Assumption Grotto. Barring a loss of power due to the many storms in our forecast, I should have them up tonight or tomorrow afternoon sometime.

If I am absent for a time, it could be that I've lost power. I only say this because there have been so many, nearly daily power outages all around me.

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