Thursday, June 12, 2008

Musings for June 12, 2008

A photo taken during one of the Fatima Devotion Days at Assumption Grotto last year. Fatima Devotions are held on the 13th of each month starting with Mass at 7:00pm, followed by a Rosary procession to the Grotto area with banners, and finally - a talk or video and refreshments in the parish school

I just moderated a comment that had been sitting unmoderated for three days. The strange thing is that I've been checking daily, and it didn't show up until today. Anyway, comments are posted - thanks for the participation.

You have probably noticed that I have not been posting much of late. As you can imagine blogging takes time and I find myself looking for balance between my prayer life as a secular Carmelite, a member of the Assumption Grotto Choir, my liturgical photography, work, family, housework, and the endless "projects" I have in my queue, including audio, video, and a website yet to be developed, not to mention some writings in the pipeline. I have a spiritual director and I know that balance will be a focus....soon. I can tell you this much - in order to blog, something else doesn't get done. So, I am going to be experimenting with how I blog and what I blog on. I ask that you bear with me as I try to find the right mix. I have a heavy emphasis on liturgy and Assumption Grotto which is how I want to keep it, along with a few other items peppered in.

Unfortunately, I am unable to act on requests to post many of the good things sent to me. I can only encourage people to create a blog for this purpose - you can reach more than with mass email.

Making several posts daily can take 1-2 hours or more and I'm looking at cutting back to several times weekly. I will continue with the Virtuous Catholic Blogging site with periodic posts, but have not had time to do much there yet. I have some really good content planned for that blog so stay tuned.

I can't emphasize enough that if you want to know what is going on "out there" you need to check a variety of blogs and some Catholic news sources, such as Zenit, LifeNews and CWNews. I highly recommend visiting the blogs of priests, religious & deacons (see my sidebar).

There are some upcoming events at Grotto, starting with the Fatima Devotions this Friday. I don't know that I will make it this month. If I do come, I'm likely to leave the camera home. The other event I want to plug again is the Helpers of God's Precious Infants vigil this weekend. I am tentatively planning on going, but may leave the camera home if it is threatening rain. Also, I feel the need to participate fully, in a spiritual way, sometimes. So, I'll save photography for when the weather is 100% safe for my particular camera.

There are some news items of interest that caught my eye....

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