Saturday, June 14, 2008

Butchery to continue in Michigan as Granholm veto's Partial Birth Abortion Ban

Some have challenged me on being a "single-issue voter" because I am pro-life and vote pro-life. There can't be a better example than this: MICHIGAN GOV. JENNIFER GRANHOLM VETOES PARTIAL-BIRTH ABORTION BAN (LifeNews).

The butchery continues here in Michigan, even after the will of the voters was made known through the Michigan House and Senate.

Lansing, MI ( -- As expected, Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm vetoed the partial-birth abortion ban on Friday. She said she vetoed the bill because it doesn't have a health exception, even though the three-day-long abortion procedure is never necessary to protect the health of the mother.

The language of the state ban mirrored the federal ban Congress approved and that the Supreme Court upheld as constitutional.

That measure didn't have a health exception either and the high court noted abortions cause both physical and mental health problems for women.

Now that Granholm has vetoed the bill, the state legislature needs a two-thirds vote to override the veto.

The legislature sent Granholm the ban after the Senate backed it on a bipartisan 24 to 13 vote and the House 72-34. While the House would easily be able to do that, the Senate is five votes short from having enough to make the ban law.

Michigan Catholic Conference Vice President for Public Policy Paul Long told that Governor Granholm showed continued indifference to human life" with her latest veto.

One has to wonder whether Granholm's bishop will have similar communications with her that Abp Naumann had with Gov. Sebelius in Kansas. Bishop Earl Boyea, a former auxiliary bishop from Detroit, just took the helm in Lansing. Bishop Boyea was active with local pro-life groups here in Detroit. Please pray for him. I am hoping that a statement will be made on the Diocese of Lansing website, so we'll keep checking and if one comes up, I'll update this post.

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