Thursday, December 6, 2007

Golden Compass book sales up 500% with movie opener

In my last post on the Golden Compass I shared with you how disoriented the USCCB movie reviewers were in their assessment. They basically dismissed the main concern (noted by the Catholic League among others), that children who see Pullman's movie, will want Pullman's books (a trilogy). Those books are not sanitized of blatant anti-Catholicism and blasphemy. They say:

Most moviegoers with no foreknowledge of the books or Pullman's personal belief system will scarcely be aware of religious connotations, and can approach the movie as a pure fantasy-adventure.

Right! That's why Pullman's book sales, on which this is all based, are up 500%.

Those who wrote that so-called catholic review on behalf of our Bishops need to be fired, plain and simple. The USCCB needs to get a backbone and write a retraction, not make minor tweaks. It should be published far and wide.

I pray more bishops will speak up individually, as Bishop Listecki has.

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