Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fr. Hardon Day of Remembrance this Saturday

I must break from my blogging hiatus, which began with significant loss of time due to my mother's illness.

I want to make note of the Fr. Hardon Day of Remembrance at Assumption Grotto this Saturday. Please see a post made by Thomas, the American Papist for further details, including a flyer.

I was sent the details some time ago, but did not want to post prematurely. I don't have time to make an extensive post on it, and most likely will not be at the event, but would like to at least direct your attention to it. Fr. John Hardon was one of the greatest theologians of the modern era, and a great defender of orthodoxy. He spent his final working years at Assumption Grotto in a small office and was spiritual director to many at my parish.

Further info: Saint John Hardon?

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