Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Advent Rorate Masses at Assumption Grotto

Last night marked the first Rorate Mass of this Advent season at Assumption Grotto. With just 3 Tuesdays this Advent, there are two left - next Tuesday the 11th, and the following Tuesday at 7:00pm.

I have a more extensive post on the Rorate Mass with a photo from a European parish, with some links. It is done entirely under candle-power, and no lights.

We were attempting to pull together a Tridentine Rorate Mass, but this would have needed to take place early in the morning. Fr. Perrone had given his permission, but in the old calendar, and with it's classes of liturgies, we would not have been able to do so until December 15th, the day EWTN will also hold a Rorate Mass. We then realized that this falls during a mission being offered by the Priests of Opus Angelorum at Assumption Grotto and many would be coming at 8:30am to start a somewhat long day and we assumed a lower turnout than we would have otherwise. Perhaps next year.

In other news: Opus Angelorum Mission

Fr. Wolfgang and Fr. Matthew of Opus Angelorum will be preaching a mission on the Confraternity of the Holy Guardian Angels on December 14 & 15 for those making their consecration to the Guardian Angel and also for new members. Please see the bulletin boards in the church and school for the schedule.

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Diane K said...

I just wanted to provide another update here without making a separate post.

My mother is doing much better, Deo Gratias!

The swelling is coming down, and she began physical therapy yesterday. I watched her swing her legs over the bed on her own and sit up to eat dinner. On steroids, her apetite has...well, improved dramatically ;)

Her confidence went up when the doctor assured her that she would not be released until she could walk out of the hospital on her own. This was her greatest fear and had my siblings and I wondering if we were going to have to get her into a kind of halfway rehab center temporarily.

I was glad to learn that a social worker had stopped by and is arranging for a physical therapist and a nurse (for heart and other vitals) to stop by her apartment on a regular basis. With her chronic anemia, this alone is a blessing.

Thanks again for all of your prayers.

Peter Simpson said...

This is indeed good news!

Diane K said...

Oops! I did not realize I had put that entry under this post.