Saturday, July 28, 2007

Summorum Pontificum - A Pastor Breaks the News on What V2 did not Teach

Here is a pastor at work, explaining the new motu proprio, Summorum Pontificum, in the church paper and making clear what Vatican 2 did not teach. Here is how it starts out:

Despite what the media tells you, the Pope is not renouncing the Second Vatican Council, he is authentically implementing it. He is correcting the mistakes and misinterpretations that came after the Council. One of them is with the return of the Mass. Contrary to what most of the media tells us, Vatican II did not:

  • 1. order Mass to be said in the Vernacular

  • 2. tell priests to face the people at Mass

  • 3. establish Communion in the hand

  • 4. tell people to stand for reception of Communion

The Mass we now say at St. John’s whether in English or Latin came after the Council. The Council ended in 1965, the new order of the Mass came in 1970.

The Church, since the days of Pope St. Pius X, has encouraged actual participation at the Mass. The 1962 missal contains changes that foster that participation, so the charge of the congregation being dumb spectators is not true.

Why was the Motu Propio issued?

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