Saturday, July 7, 2007

The "Ratzinger Effect"

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Interesting piece from Focus Information Service in Bulgaria, which provides news in both Bulgarian and English. Keep in mind, some periodicals here in the US are in denial about the level of support Pope Benedict has. I find it interesting to hear that donations are doubling. Deo Gratias!

I don't think the expression "amends Vatican II" is appropriate here, at least not from what we read on the motu proprio which says the older form of the Roman rite was not abrogated by Vatican II.

Vatican. 7 July 2007

With donations to the Church from around the world almost doubling and pilgrims pouring into Rome in ever-greater numbers, Vatican watchers are beginning to reassess the two-year-old pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI and noting a positive “Ratzinger effect”.

Today the Vatican will publish the Pope’s “motu proprio” decree allowing broader use by Roman Catholics of the Latin Tridentine Mass - the pontiff’s last act before leaving for his traditional summer holiday.

The move, which amends the Second Vatican Council’s decision in the 1960s that worship should be in the vernacular, is regarded as yet another sign of Benedict’s conservative attachment to tradition and doctrine.

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