Thursday, July 12, 2007

Prayers.....for a mom scheduled to undergo an abortion tomorrow

We should be praying daily for expectant mothers who are confused, scared and feel there is no other choice but abortion.

Let's pray especially tonight for someone in particular, whom "Ma Beck", a fellow blogger, has become aware of. The abortion is scheduled for tomorrow and prayers are needed. Don't forget that small sacrifices can be a form of prayer offered up to God. Skip that ice-cream when you want it most, or a favorite television show.

It was one year ago that Ma Beck did a similar thing and the woman was a no-show at the clinic.

Miracles do happen -just believe.

Go read her account from last year, and this latest situation....

EDIT: Here is the update - unfortunately, the woman went through with the abortion. Ma Beck discusses the encounter at the clinic in a post called, "Just one of four-thousand that died today...".

It is important that we keep sidewalk counselors and their efforts in our prayers. They are on the front lines and need not only courage for their work, but strength to persist in this labor of love.

We have to entrust the soul of this child to the Lord and continue to include this mother and all those who cannot see the darkness of abortion and the wound it places on their souls. .

If you have had an abortion recently or long ago, visit these sites:

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