Sunday, July 22, 2007

Photo Post 1: July 22, 2007 - Garden in the Grotto

I got some beautiful pictures on this most beautiful of balmy days in southeast Michigan. I took my camera today to get many things done and the Lord granted me a wonderful morning outdoors.

It started around 8:30am in the grotto area where we have a statue of Bernadette and an angel. The angel is a fountain and the robins have taken a liking to the basin. Evidence, in fact, is all over both statues. Needless to say our robins have been on a steady diet of blueberries and blackberries.

Here are a few samples of what I got this morning, with more posts to come.

In this first photo, you see Bernadette kneeling, with the wings of the angel in the foreground.

This is a photo of the angel, with one of his visiting robin friends about to take a bath (see him perched up there on the top of the wing). Interspersed in photos that follow, you will see a few more of the birds in the fountain bowl. I was quite a distance away and the sun was not in the best spot to capture them in good lighting, but you get the general idea. At one point when I was sitting there, three robins took turns with a refreshing morning bath.

Now, this next one merits a word, as well. It started out to be a closeup photo of a bumblebee going about his work. To the left in the pic, is a spec and it is not a spec. It turns out that I captured an insect who is dwarfed by the size of the bee. Hence, I got a bonus! Click on the pic to enlarge it and look at that little bugger.

More photos will come, including some closeups of a butterfly on the coneflowers, which are a major attractant for them. I also took a few photos of the outdoor procession and benediction today, as they happen each and every Sunday from Spring to Fall, weather permitting.

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