Monday, July 2, 2007

New Zealand Bishop Opposes Visit by Sr. Chittister

Wow, another Bishop with Backbone....Bishop Barry Jones of New Zealand. He just took the helm in the Catholic diocese of Christchurch, New Zealand. He certainly didn't waste any time in the faith and morals department.

For those who do not know Benedictine Sr. Joan Chittester (scroll or "edit-find" her in several categories listed in the link), she is a supporter of Call to Action (scroll down again). She has also been a guest speaker at the local Elephants in the Living Room - a dissenting group of priests, religious and lay people, which Fr. Paul Ward can brief you on here (or by clicking the "Elephant-free zone" logo in my sidebar).

Not in my Diocese!

The actions of Bishop Barry Jones speak loudly: No Catholic parishes in his diocese are to promote/sponsor her visit. This came through communications to all priests in the diocese last week.

An article appearing in The Press - a newspaper of New Zealand, reads in part:
"The point is that silence generates the misunderstanding that this is all approved, when it's not. I have made my position clear to the priests," he said.

Chittister, from Eire, Pennsylvania, has clashed with church authorities internationally over her strong stance on issues such as women's ordination and contraception.

She attended the first Women's Ordination Worldwide Conference in 2000, defying an order by the Vatican.

"I don't see how I, as a bishop, can advance the teachings of the Catholic Church by appearing to condone other views"

Read more at The Press on Bishop Barry Jone's solid Catholic move....

It seems like there is a housecleaning beginning to take place.

EDIT to add more info on Bishop Barry Jones.

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