Sunday, July 1, 2007

Motu Proprio Blog List: July 1, 2007

I'm going to do one motu proprio post daily for a while, compiling what I find. Now, it may be edited to include more stories later in the day, so check back for more links accordingly.

In each case, I'll try to start you out with the beginning, then you can follow the links you want for the full story. And, I would rather give you news through the eyes of other bloggers, than directly from the news sources. Those you can easily find on your own.

Fr. Z: Ugly Intellectual Dishonesty - Is the Tridentine anti-Semitic? The images contained in the Jerusalem Post article are a bit....well, strange.
With a biretta tip to Fr. Blake, o{]:¬) I offer for your consideration a piece in the Jerusalem Post. This fits the famous "Tridentine template" which includes the obligatory elements of any ignorant article about the Motu Proprio.

But this piece, below, is something else entirely. It includes a couple very interesting images, juxtaposed. As yourself why, after reading this (My emphases and comments)
The Vatican is expected to publish this week a document authorizing the use of a controversial Latin Mass, parts of which are deemed anti-Semitic, [By whom? And, is this claim actually true?] the Holy See announced Thursday.

NLM: A Diocesan Priest attends FSSP bootcamp

"I would characterize my experience as frankly stunning, and even life changing. I must admit that the experience has recast my understanding of the priesthood to some degree."

Fr. Z adds more to the NLM piece with his comments...

NLM: A Call to Prayer and the Watching of Our Tongues in this time of Grace

Shawn Tribe: As a point of note, we are entering into a period where the Devil will certainly be trying to sow discord rather than see greater unity and progress accomplished. One can sense it even here in the comments of the past day. Anything that is of great good can be attacked, and the angles of attack are from all sides -- meaning we too can be unwitting contributors to such. Brother may even attack brother. We need to resist this steadfastly more than ever.

I'll leave you with a video clip on the Classical Roman Rite (h/t NLM - where you can read comments on the video) . The audio is inaudible to me, and it is not my hearing. Can anyone else hear it clearly? I'd like to know if there is a problem with my speakers. The volume control was up on speakers and on the YouTube window.

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