Friday, July 20, 2007

Fr. Richard Rego, STL and his fine website

Yesterday when I posted about Catholic podcasts, I mentioned that I get some good content by listening to Teresa Tomeo on her program, Catholic Connection, through a free subscription to her podcast available through the website, Catholic Podcast.

On July 10th, she interviewed Fr. Richard Rego, STL of St. Gianna Molla in Tuscon, AZ. Father is the pastor of a community that celebrates the old Latin Mass. Father is a periodic visitor to Teresa's show and he has an excellent website well worth sharing. A collection of audio recordings can be found on this page, including his interviews on Catholic Connection and EWTN's Catholic Answers.

A collection of Father's writings can be found on the site, as well. These are excellent catechetical references, keeping in mind that his Sacred Theology Licentiate (STL) from the Angelicum Pontifical University in Rome qualifies him to teach at a pontifical university. Along the same lines are a series of Meditations on the Blessed Mother.

Looking around the site, there are some additional interesting sections, which include:

You will want to explore the site further. For more, visit

Fr. Rego has a blog, which is not updated often, but something worth checking in on now and then.

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