Monday, July 2, 2007

Canon Lawyer Dissects Claims of Lawler & Risch on Cohabitation

It has not been long since two researchers at the Center for Marriage and Family at Creighton University got publicly schooled by two bishops for suggesting in a public article that cohabitating is not necessarily living in sin. The two also teach theology there.


Only at a Jesuit school will we find theologians teaching students that its ok to violate the Ten Commandments. However, I would not be surprised to find similar things happening in not too few other so-called Catholic institutions.

Canon Lawyer, Ed Peters gets in on the action by taking a closer look at an area where Lawler and Risch did not do their homework - Canon Law. It seems the couple omitted a few important things from their "research".

Now, Ed gets in on a little schooling himself.....

While you are there, you may want to scroll through some of other articles he has there, including the one posted previously on fake priests.

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