Saturday, April 14, 2007

Divine Mercy Sunday.....and the Paray Mass.... and CTH reminder

Just a reminder to anyone within driving distance that the Noon Mass will be an Orchestra Mass, featuring the Mass by Paul Paray. Also , the ushers are hosting their pancake breakfast so don't miss it! Support our ushers and their fundraising event!!!

There will be confessions after the Noon Mass until the last one has been heard. I'm sure there will be confessions between Masses as usual. Grotto confessors are awesome!!!

It is Divine Mercy Sunday! Seek God's forgiveness and his compassion. Good links:

The Divine Mercy Message

Divine Mercy Sunday website

Fr. LW Gonzalez blogs Divine Mercy & St. Faustina


I also want to give you a reminder of the annual Call to Holiness Conference taking place on Saturday, April 28 in two locations!

Reserve your space today. Hundreds of tickets have already been sold and there are many more available in both locations.

Great here for more details


Anonymous said...

Dear Diane,
I don't recall how I came to subscribe to your blog, but I'm glad I did. I have all the Paray CDs (from Dearborn Music, since I also am an auto engineer for a company with a blue oval).
Your post on the Paray Mass caught my attention, and my family made a pilgimage from Belleville to attend today (we were tied up locally for Easter).

Wow! Incense! Wow! All-male altar army of 14 of them...well disciplined (I just read your posts on the program). Latin! Double-Wow! Communion Rail! Extra-double-wow!

My wife and I have never seen a Latin Mass (though I gather this was Novus Ordo, not Tridentine...though there's a 1962 Missal on my shelf waiting for us to find the time to attend one)...and it was our first use of a Communion rail.

We're over here in the wasteland of western Wayne County liberal Catholicism (though we found a relatively conservative parish, though it's a bit of a drive)...and it was nice to see that a place like Assumption Grotto exists. The congregation was well-behaved and generally well-attired, too.

Thanks for brought a breath of fresh air in for my family and I.


Diane said...

Y'all come back now, y'hear?

Hehehehe......something tells me we haven't seen the last of you.

Truly, the vast majority of our parishioners are commuting very long distances - some farther than where you live.

If you enjoyed this, know that you can experience splendor, majesty and awe every week at the 9:30 Latin Novus Ordo.

We will likely have another set of Orchestra Masses for Pentecost and Corpus Christi. The latter is a sight to see with the outdoor processions (weather permitting).

Anyone else drop in? Give us your thoughts.