Thursday, November 30, 2006

Catholic Medical Association to Bishops: Rescind "Child Empowerment" Prevention Programs

Hat-tip to the folks at for the email on this new task force report just issued by the Catholic Medical Association dealing with the issue of how sex-abuse prevention is handled for minors in the Church.

You can read an Executive Summary of the report online (PDF), or you can purchase the entire report for $10.00 through the website of the Catholic Medical Association (click the image to get there).

It affects some of the very programs implemented in dioceses throughout the US. If your family is involved in a program like "Talking about Touching" or the many other names it can come under, consider sharing this news with your pastor. And, make your bishop aware of your beliefs on the matter once you have studied the document . The CMA sent copies of this to the bishops ahead of their recent meeting. Hopefully, they will all take some time to read and discern what the doctors concluded.

Here are some resources covering this story.

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Lifesite News: Doctors Oppose Bishops‘ “Talking About Touching” Abuse Prevention Program