Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Photos and Audio (homily) from Midnight Mass at Assumption Grotto

Elevation of the Precious Blood

Merry Christmas to all of you on this most blessed of days!

Below is a slideshow of photos taken at the Midnight Mass at Assumption Grotto for Christmas.  It was a Solemn High Mass (1962 Missal).  The celebrant and homilist was Fr. Aidan Logan, O.C.s.o.; deacon, Fr. John Bustamante, and subdeacon was Br. Esteban Ybarra

Fr. Perrone directed the Assumption Grotto Choir & Orchestra. The music program for this Christmas season includes Mozart's Mass in C Major.  See more here.  That link also includes information for two more opportunities to hear this Mozart Mass - on December 27, and January 3.

You will also find photos of the "Shepherd's Masses" done after the Midnight Mass by Fr. Perrone, Fr. Logan, and Fr. John.

Two Christmas Homilies (links to audio)

To hear Fr. Logan's homily for this Mass, and Fr. Perrone's Christmas homily, follow this post-link to GrottoCast. The best way to keep up with audio homilies, is to subscribe using the tool in the sidebar at GrottoCast.


Use the "Play" button to begin the slideshow. It may take a few seconds to begin. To see the slideshow in full screen, click here (n.b. there is an option to turn on captions at the top, along with speed).  To view the pictures individually at your own pace, visit the gallery (please link to this post rather than to the gallery, if you choose to share in social media or blogs).

Visit for audio homilies from Assumption Grotto and more.

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