Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Father Rosica, drop this embarrassing threat of litigation...

Father Rosica, drop this embarrassing threat of litigation - it is really making you look bad…. really bad.   What kind of priest, much less an official in the Vatican, uses litigation against a Catholic blogger over his reputation?  Reputation?

I can just imagine if the Pope went around suing people every time he felt his reputation was harmed.  If there is a chapter in the Imitation of Christ which encourages suing people over reputation, I missed it.  Perhaps there is merit in offering up any suffering you believe you've had over the words of a Catholic blogger for the strength and courage of Christians being martyred in the Middle East.  There's not even a question that they are suffering serious, unjust injury.

I can't help but wonder: Does Pope Francis know you are so concerned with your reputation that you would hire lawyers to go after bloggers in this fashion? And, you would risk causing a family man to lose his home, among other things?

I was completely unaware of the blogger and blogposts in question until you sent lawyers after this man.   I rarely comment publicly on this kind of thing, and I've been an advocate for finding ways to express our concerns with greater virtue (sometimes it's not what we say but the lack of restraint in how we say it).  However, the thought of a priest suing bloggers comes across as so outrageous I felt compelled to express  my own thoughts on the matter.

Without judging whether any part of what the blogger said is right or wrong, and whether I agree with how he chose to express his concerns or not, bearing patiently with injury, or long-suffering, is a fruit of the Holy Spirit.  From a discernment stand point, I don't see the Holy Spirit's involvement in threats of litigation or lawsuits against bloggers.  While you are concerned with your own reputation, what harm are you bringing to the reputation of the priesthood with litigation?

Here in the U.S., we can't sue public figures for defamation.  Just because it is possible in Canada doesn't mean it's a prudent response for a priest, even if there is some kind of injury.

With regards to claims that Salt and Light TV has suffered damage, I'm not buying it.  If anything, you've done more harm to it yourself.  So much for trusting in God's providence in the face of real or perceived injustice.

Get thicker skin, Father Rosica.  Bearing with injuries - again, real or perceived - goes with the priesthood.  This is what it looks like, and we - you and I - did this to Him, Father:

"William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905) -
The Flagellation of Our Lord Jesus Christ (1880)
Licensed under Public Domain via 
Wikimedia Commons.

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*Edited it in after others suggested these Scriptural texts, as well.  I had thought of 1 Cor 6, but had to head out to work before I could find it.

Other edits: Comma added in "Get thicker skin, Father Rosica"


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