Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ongoing Medjugorje commission discussions; Bishop Peric called to Rome

UPDATE March 7: Croatian press is reporting that Bishop Peric has been  invited to Rome (see details below).  Post title was renamed.

There has been some chatter for about the last two months on a new commission on the phenomena of Medjugorje, allegedly to be headed up by Cardinal Ruini. 

Italian media (Panorama), heightened the chatter with a report about this on March 4th.  Other Italian sources then picked up on the story.

Please keep in mind, that no official word has been offered by the Holy See, the Bishop's Conference, or the Diocese of Mostar-Duvno.  Hence, this is still chatter, but it is getting louder.

Richard Chonak at Catholic Light translated the original Panorama story, and Catholic News Agency, as well as Catholic World Report have offered articles based on what has been in the Italian media.
I have another post on Medjugorje that has been in development for over a week, but I have not had time to finish it.  Hopefully, before the weekend is done, I can complet it and post it.

I also want to remind people that Patrick Coffin of Catholic Answers Live will be hosting guest apologist, Patrick Madrid to discuss Medjugorje on March 24th.  You can listen online, or on some local Catholic radio stations that carry the feed.  See the calendar here (and after the show, you can pick up the archived audio from the calendar).

UPDATE March 7

From Žepče Online:

Možda će se nešto više o tom povjerenstvu znati sljedećih dana, jer je u Rim pozvan i dr. Ratko Perić, biskup mostarsko-duvanjski i apostolski upravitelj trebinjsko-mrkanski, u čijoj dijecezi je Međugorje.
My translation:

Maybe more about this commission will be known in the coming days because Dr. Ratko Perić, the bishop of the Diocese of Mostar-Duvno and apostolic administrator of Trebinsko-Mrkan has been invited to Rome.

I believe this is originating from Jutarnji List.  Here, I provide a computer-generated translation (I got an "access denied" note, but upon hitting ok, it worked).

Other recent Medjugorje-related content (these are all translations at Catholic Light):

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