Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fr. Perrone's homily for August 23 now on GrottoCast

Last week, August 16th, there was a technical glitch on the recording end and the audio for that homily is not available.  I am  hoping to get text for it, but will wait to ask Fr. Perrone until after the event this coming weekend, We Humble Ourselves - Turning a Nation Back to God.  Fr. Perrone is conducting choir and and orchestra for that event on Sunday.  It is a weekend long thing.  Please visit the website in the link.  More later on that.

The homily for August 23 is available.   I recommend to people that if they have a smart phone or tablet to look for the free SoundCloud app, then do a search on GrottoCast and subscribe.   But, if you do this, be sure to also check the GrottoCast website weekly for other things, which are not audio.  If I do get text for Fr. Perrone's homily from 8/16, it will be posted there.  The best thing to do is input your email address into the tool provided in the sidebar at and as soon as any post is made, you will get an email.  This way you can monitor those things that are not at SoundCloud or be aware as soon as something does become available there.

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