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Thursday Evening Passio; Ember Days during Lent at Grotto

Fr. Perrone leads a post-Mass Rosary following Mass on the recent "pre-Lent,"  Septuagesima Sunday 

Passio Domini on Thursday Nights

With the departure of the priests, brothers, and sisters of the Holy Cross (ORC) to their new home in Carrollton, Ohio, I wondered if the Thursday evening Passio would continue.  This is something they began many years ago.  Following the Thursday night Mass (ordinary form/OF), Exposition would be held until 9:00 p.m. and the Passio Domini (Passion of Our Lord) would take place for the sanctification of the priesthood.  I got the answer tonight from Fr. John who said the intent is to continue with this.  Do support it if you can as it is a worthy cause, especially during Lent.

Ember Days at Assumption Grotto

I was also asked by someone about Ember Days in Lent at Assumption Grotto.  This is specific to the 1962 calendar and are typically celebrated at specified times, four times yearly on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. They are penitential days, which is why you see violet vestments.  Being that Assumption Grotto offers Mass in the extraordinary form (EF) Monday through Saturday morning at 7:30 a.m.; and on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, the four sets of Ember Days are covered throughout the year.  The spring Embertide follows the first Sunday in Lent.

If you do not have a Missal, the propers for Ember Days can be found here.

Additional Notes about Daily Masses

With regards to weeknight Masses, there are two nights per week where the ordinary form is celebrated: Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I do not know if this might change or remain the same.  Some things may get adjusted over time with the absence of the ORC, so stay tuned to the bulletin and

It is worth noting that there are occasions when a scheduled EF Mass is changed to an OF Mass.  This might happen, for example, if a visiting priest takes a Mass and does not regularly celebrate with the 1962 calendar.  There are other circumstances that can lead to this, but it is rare for the schedule to deviate.

When EF Masses are celebrated they can be high or low Masses.  Often times, it's dependent on availability of someone to chant.  High Masses during the week happen more often in the morning at 7:30, and rarely in the evening, unless there is something special happening.  You know it is a low Mass before it begins when only two candles are lit on either side of the Tabernacle.  Postures differ between the two, with more changes in the high Mass, such as standing at times.  Tonight's Ash Wednesday Mass was a little confusing because only two candles were lit, but there was chant, and it was a sung Mass. It happens sometimes. Even I wasn't sure whether to stay kneeling (as in low Masses)  or rise at times.

The Holy Rosary is prayed after all weekday and weekend Masses, and most of the time this is led by the celebrant of the Mass.  Sometimes, especially on weeknights, priests must leave immediately for a wake, or other obligation, and one of the altar servers or sacristan will lead it. No one is obligated to stay, but it is there for those who want it.  The time preceding Mass is for silent prayer.


Also impacted with the loss of extra priests, is Sacramental Confession.  Recently, Fr. Perrone asked Grotto-goers to make use of the Saturday time slot, from 2:30-3:30 rather than wait for Sunday when there will be only one priest, and perhaps abbreviated times.  He knows some people commute great distances and for them it is not practical.  But for people who live closer, he is asking more to go on Saturdays.  There are often unscheduled Confessions being heard before most of the weekday Masses too.  There's a pretty good chance if you get to Grotto 20 minutes before the Friday evening Mass you can find an opportunity for Confession.


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