Saturday, February 21, 2015

New Book: "Lent with St. Augustine" by Waldemur Turek

In one of my feeds, I saw this book, Lent with Saint Augustine (Paperback) by Waldemur Turek,  mentioned last week and ordered it without hesitation.  I went on the hunt for an e-book version, but could not find one.  Alas! Today, I see it is at Amazon: Lent with Saint Augustine (Kindle Edition).  I don't think I missed it, but perhaps I did; or it just became available. 

My iPhone camera is not working well (or the lens is just old and worn out).  But, you can look through the murky pics to get an idea of what is in this 114 page book.  Just click the images to enlarge. 

I like the format. It's just over one page per day throughout Lent.  As you can see, it came from series of short talks by a priest from Poland.  It is now available in three languages: Polish, Italian, and English. 

I have a few pages to catch up.  


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