Saturday, July 26, 2014

Venerable Fulton Sheen in multi-media…

It's Saturday, I'm doing the usual Saturday pick-up and cleaning.  Today, I decided to make use of a free app for iPhone and Droid with MP3 files of Venerable Archbishop Sheen.  It's not all free, but a sampling.  I learned that I would have to pay $8.99 to unlock all of the files.  I considered just how much content there was and felt it was worth it.

This YouTube video shows how the App works.

I discovered that there were many other apps as part of an MP3 audio vault. You can find all kinds of audio to listen to.  I've got the one on G.K. Chesterton and listening to a couple of free samples, I thought the quality good enough to pay the $7.99 to unlock the full set.  However, the one on the Church Fathers - the few I heard - sounded like they were recorded outdoors or something.  So, before unlocking addition in-app purchases, be sure to listen first to the quality of an individual set you are considering. See the full Catholic MP3 Vault options here.

At one of the Fulton J. Sheen websites, you can find most or all of these MP3's so you can click and listen to them on your computer, or download. [Edit: I just learned you have to pay a one time fee of $27 to have access to those MP3's online. However, you can find some here that are open for listening online]

Many of his videos are uploaded on YouTube and other video sites.  Here is one I will probably listen to next.  Here, he explains the Mass.

Of course, nothing says you need to use multi-media to know Archbishop Sheen.  You can see books with the writings of Venerable Fulton J. Sheen here.

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