Sunday, June 22, 2014

Two Photos: Corpus Christi at Assumption Grotto

I arrived at Assumption Grotto on May 15, 2005, which was Pentecost that year.  I was drawn back for Corpus Christi with the orchestral Mass at Noon.  After the Mass, I had no idea what was happening since I had never participated in a Corpus Christi procession.  This was all quite foreign to me, having grown up in the 70's.  I tried to make like a Roman while in "Rome" but soon found my knees were short on calluses, and on strength.  While everyone else was in Adoration, I was praying I wouldn't become the center of attention by tripping over myself trying to get up.  

Despite such distractions I found myself intrigued by the devotion I was witnessing in the priests, the religious, and the lay people that day.  Other than the hymns being sung, the prayers, and the readings, there was utter silence.  We processed to four altars on the grounds of the parish, representing the four corners of the world. 

I realized that what intrigued me about this was the very devotion itself to the Eucharist.  I felt as if I had missed something in my past Catholic parish life, where fellowship with one another seemed to have greater importance than a pure relationship with God. Yet, authentic charity for others flows from that pure love of God.  I decided to set aside judgment of the past and just dwell in the mystery now apparent to me.  

Today, I decided to leave the camera home and simply take in what I experienced that first time, in 2005, and it was good.  

I did cheat with two, iPhone photos, hoping they might move others who had no Corpus Christi procession in which to participate. 

Tomorrow, I hope to put up my photo story on the Helpers of God's Precious Infants prayer vigil, led by Bishop Hanchon yesterday. Stay tuned. 

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