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Video and Photos of 40 Hours Devotion at Assumption Grotto

Assumption Grotto's pastor, Fr. Eduard Perrone, in Adoration
during 40 Hours Devotion on Saturday, November 9, 2013

40 Hours Devotion might seem most appropriate around the Triduum before Easter when you read about the spirituality of it, but I have heard from older people that it was held at various times throughout the year at different parishes.  In fact, some have told me they recall parish-hopping as it rotated from one parish to the next.    Priests have mentioned how the closing ceremony was a special time to be together with brother priests who would also get together for dinner.  In fact, I share here something I showed in the past -- a formal invitation that fell out of an old Catholic book I picked up at an online used and out-of-print book store.

I think 40 Hours Devotion would be good to bring back to parishes as a way to get people involved with Adoration.  In parishes where there is uncertainty about people covering the hours, a pastor could introduce the idea a couple months in advance. Sign-up sheets could be put out for each of the hours that Exposition would take place. If enough sign up for 2-3 people per hour, then the pastor can follow through.  If parishes work together, they might get more participation.  Not every parish can run the straight 40 hours and it must be broken up.  Fr. Perrone has modified it just about every  year and it is something he offered before Summorum Pontificum, and continues since, but with the liturgical aspects using the 1962 Missal.  Assumption Grotto has no need for a sign-up sheet as there are always people streaming in and out for Exposition when it is in the parish Church.

Tomorrow 40 Hours closes with the Noon Mass. We used to have it around 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon, but being a commuter parish, it is hard to have people there for Mass in the morning, then later in the afternoon.  This year, like last, Fr. Perrone moved the TLM to the Noon slot and the 9:30 AM will be the new Mass in Latin.  The choir is also singing at the Noon Mass, and there will be a Eucharistic Procession as part of the closing ceremony.

These first three pictures below were taken with the iPhone during the 6:30 AM Solemn High Mass on Friday, November 8, 2013.   For a weekday Mass that was shifted one hour earlier so that 40 Hours Devotion could begin, there was a decent crowd of about 50-60.  There were also about a half dozen altar boys who got up quite early to be there too.

This first one was taken soon after Mass began.

Here is the Elevation after Consecration.  Note the altar boys wearing the special white cassocks with gold capes - a tradition at Assumption Grotto during Easter Time and for Corpus Christi, and 40 Hours.

This is what the deacon of the Mass and sub-deacon do during a Solemn High when the celebrant is consuming Holy Communion or the Precious Blood -- they bow in reverence.

After the Mass, there was a Eucharistic Procession.  I captured video on the iPhone. I had to splice the Litany of the Saints.  After that you hear chanting, which is Psalm 69, and other prayers.  I have a booklet, but it's too late to type it out.   Here is that video.

Exposition followed the procession until 8:00 PM on Friday.  On Saturday morning, we had a Low Mass at 6:30 AM again, but this time, it was at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Altar.  These pics are from my main camera.  In the EF, Exposition may continue at the main altar as Mass takes place at the side altar.  In this case, the Votive Mass for Peace is celebrated using violet vestments. On the first and third days, Mass if of the Blessed Sacrament, with some exceptions, depending on what is on the calendar.

Here you see the Mass at the side altar in the corner, with Fr. Perrone in Elevation, with Exposition on the main altar.  No bells were rung during this Mass.

A few more pics from the Mass at the side altar.

The altar of the Blessed Virgin Mary, was used as an Altar of Repose. Here you see Fr. Perrone returning Holy Communion to the Tabernacle.

I end this post with a follow-up to the picture at the top, both taken around the same time -- after the 6:30 AM Mass on Saturday.  Fr. Perrone remained in Adoration for a while, and I decided to get some very nice stock shots.

There are a few more in the gallery at my Smugmug site.

Here is a parting shot.

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