Sunday, August 18, 2013

Status update on August 15 Photos...

Taken on August 15, 2007 at Assumption Grotto during the candlelight procession following Mass in the grotto.

So, that pic above is not from 2013, but from 2007, but if you were there, you know this is what it is like.  At one point, Fr. Perrone and the priests had returned (they were in the lead), and for a good 10 minutes after, you could still see a line of candles lighting the parking lot, in motion to the tune of Immaculate Mary.

Our feast of the Assumption is now behind us, as are many photos for me to go through and post.  For the first time since I began spending August 15th literally all day at Assumption Grotto back in 2005, I did not get there until 4:00.  As I mentioned previously, my hours have gone up as some tight deadlines are storming through with a high volume of work, so I've been on overtime.  I usually turn it down because it is easy to become lukewarm in the faith when you don't have free time for things like spiritual reading and basic prayer.
As a secular Carmelite, there are obligations I must fulfill daily, so that is where free-time goes first.  Anything left goes to basic things like doing laundry, cleaning the house, grocery shopping, and doing bills.  After that, there might be time to scan a few headlines.  For me, this is a short term thing - the long work  hours, but one that will likely last a few more weeks before I can trim back some and get back to my normal mode.   At this time, I am not sure when I will get to process the Assumption Day photos, so we may be re-visiting the feast day at some point in the early fall.  That may not be all bad because October is Mary's month.

I am "kind of" making into Facebook and  Twitter, but I can see I've been missing a lot.

I regret not having my tripod with me this year.  I wanted to try to improve on the photos I took in 2007 with respect to the night shots. Perhaps next year, Deo volente!

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