Thursday, August 22, 2013

A few quick reads on the Queenship of Mary (new calendar)

Today in the new calendar it is the Queenship of Mary (celebrated on May 31st in the Old Calendar). Today in the 1962 Missal is the Immaculate Heart of Mary or St. Timothy and Companions are celebrated.

My work grind continues, as does my need to catch up at home.  But I would like to pass along a few items of interest...

Fr. Barron has a pretty good explanation of the Queenship of Mary.  It's not a sentimental feast day and it's not just for grandma. Fr. Barron gets deep into Scripture...

Robert Pentin discusses some interesting quotes in the press by our beloved Pope Emeritus in "Report: Pope Benedict XVI's resignation followed 'mystical experience.'"

St. Dominic Savio is one of my favorite saints.  The teenage saint died at 14 and was known for the expression, "Death before sin." I really enjoyed the book of his life by St. John Bosco.  So, when I saw the headline at New Advent, "St. Dominic Savio, the boy who insisted on growing up" I clicked the link and landed at Dawn Eden's blog.  It's not always easy to find that book, but I got it on Kindle.

Fellow parishioner and "9:30 Grotto TLM'er," Kevin Tierney, has had some interesting posts on the condescending expression, "RadTrad."  He says it's time to put away these kinds of labels.   There are two posts at his blog, Common Sense Catholicism, to which I would like to draw your attention

*Painting at top: Fra Angelico's  Coronation of the Virgin
1439-1443  Cell 9, Convent of San Marco, Florence
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