Thursday, March 21, 2013

Post Revision: See Note...

Dear Friends:

The post I made about Holy Thursday last week has been set aside (preserved; not deleted) because, while it had some legitimate considerations on foot-washing intended merely for discussion, I was concerned it could lead some to have animosity towards the Holy Father. I would feel responsible for this, so I'm just acting on my conscience. There was some imprudence on my part in how I wrote it, and I feared those things might fan the flames of distrust, anxiety, suspicion, and fear of this Holy Father for some who are really struggling with the election.   He is not Benedict XVI and the Pope Emeritus is not Pope Francis. Each is unique; each brings different gifts. Each new pope will bring change, some of which will be comforting, some of which will not be. Right now, I would not want to be in the shoes of Pope Francis whether they are red, black, brown or purple with green polka-dots. He can't take a breath without someone doing a critical analysis.

Also, I later learned that my headline led some to believe I was suggesting Pope Francis was causing a wound in the priesthood by going to a detention center to celebrate the Mass of the Lord's Supper. Of course, the body of my post made clear that was not what was meant, but I did not want to draw people to the post with a headline that was misleading, unintentional as it was.

There are some things from that post that are well worth extracting and using in another, future post. My discussion of St. John Cafasso, and on the priesthood in general, are examples. If I discuss the subject of foot-washing again, it will not be in the context of any specific persons or events.

Some felt I was being publicly critical of the Holy Father; others did not. Some of you voiced these opinions in the comment box; others through private messages.

In the end, no one suggested that I take the post down. I decided on this course through prayerful reflection.  Watching the Palm Sunday Mass, twice, pretty much sealed it for me. If my post could be taken as a criticism of Pope Francis by anyone, then I would rather it not exist.

I have many more thoughts about Pope Francis brought on, especially watching him at the Palm Sunday Mass and hearing him speak in recent days, but they are best conveyed in a new post. I will wait until after Easter in order to focus on Holy Week. I'm sure he will give me even more to reflect on.

And, yeah - I plan on watching the Pope during Holy Week, just as I have in prior years. My DVR will be set.

Tu es Petra!


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