Friday, March 29, 2013

Holy Week Schedule at Assumption Grotto

Information regarding orchestral Masses for Easter and Divine Mercy Sunday is forthcoming.  For Easter, it will be at the 9:30 AM Mass (1962 Missal; Solemn High Mass), and for Divine Mercy at Noon (the Traditional Latin Mass moves to Noon for that week only, with the choir and orchestra; the 9:30 AM will likely be a Latin Novus Ordo).   I am waiting on the flyer with additional details about the music, beyond that which is below. 

Notice the many Confession opportunities! Don't wait until the last minute.  

That's funny, very funny,
but Vatican II did not do away
with Sacramental Confession !

People have been emailing to ask this question: Which Missal is in use for the Triduum at Assumption Grotto.  Answer: 1962.


HERE is the Palm Sunday Bulletin.  Fr. Perrone discusses Holy Week in detail in his column.  The bulletin is only online for about 6-8 weeks, so save it if you want it.


UPDATE - More on the music program


I'm hearing we have a special visitor who will celebrate Sunday.  I'll leave it at that. LOL


I took some photos last night, and some iPhone video.  I uploaded most of the video to my Facebook account.  The quality is really low because of low lighting and inability to use flash or light during liturgical events.  But, there are some interesting things in there to see.  You can get to my Facebook account in the right side bar.

I won't have time to upload many of the photos and other video until after Easter.

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