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First Sundays - Assumption Grotto K of C Pancake Breakfast

There's a saying: "Only at Grotto!"

Visitors sometimes are struck - either positively or negatively - by the extraordinary silence in the parish Church before, during and after Mass.  My geographical parish can sometimes rival a mall on Saturday morning in terms of decibels, before, during (at the mid-Mass social called the "sign of peace") and after.  When people tell me that they think it is stuffy at Grotto because no one converses with anyone else, I just tell them that's because they are conversing with God in his own language - silence.  That silence is one of the many things that kept me coming back to Assumption Grotto.  Every now and then I end up back at my geographical parish and the chatter is sometimes all the more unbearable having experienced the beauty of silence in God's house.  

However, I don't think you will find a more social parish on Sundays after Mass. If you don't believe me, come to the 9:30 or Noon Mass and head over to the school afterwards.  Visit the gift shop and the gym vestibule where there is food, drink, and a seating area for people who want to sit and chat.  We don't really call it a gathering area or fellowship; we just call it a social.   People don't really care how long Mass is as long as it is a reverent liturgy; and many are in no hurry to leave.  So, observant parishioners saw this and felt people should hang around with a hamburger in hand and coffee or soda to boot.   Of course, it wouldn't be possible without the dedication of the McGuckin family who do the work each weak, along with some volunteers. 

Something new started late last year. It happens the first Sunday of every month.  The Assumption Grotto Knights of Columbus cook a pancake breakfast (currently going for $5.00).  It may be a little hard to see, but there were 2 or 3 rows of tables,with about 8 sits and most were filled.  You can see one of our altar boys making a jump-shot in the foreground and some little fans watching. 

I say only at Grotto because at most parishes you might see coffee and donuts once in a while, or monthly, then an ice-cream social at one point.  We are a commuter parish (as a number of urban parishes are these days), and we have a social every Sunday.  Typically, we have the usual donuts (bagels and cream cheese during Lent), but what we also have most Sundays are hot items like hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, and sometimes sloppy joes. 

After the 9:30 AM and Noon Masses, people stroll over to the old school building, now used as a resource and activity center. There, they stroll through the bookstore and gift shop, then head down toward's the gym vestibule at the end of the hall for something to eat and drink.  I've met many people down there on Sundays and there is much interaction.  It takes care of lunch, at the least.  

But, on the first Sundays, the Knights started to do this pancake breakfast which is going over pretty good.  This gives those usually working our concession stand a break and gives us a little more of a friendly feast.  

It's not uncommon in the summer to have more than one ice cream social, in addition to the usual menu.  


It was announced today, and is in the bulletin, that Fr. Perrone will be doing a talk on the Papacy at this Friday's Fish Fry.  I can't remember if it is $5 or $7, but I can tell you the fish has never been better.  I had the baked fish because it is healthier and I thought I would be doing some added penance by choosing that rather than the fried.  But, the baked fish is actually the rave. Many get it because it is so good.  The guys have it down to a science.  As for the fried fish, one thing that I noticed is that it was not greasy.  It's hard to find fried fish that isn't greasy.  The fish fry in the past wasn't always so good, but this year, it's very good.  

On Fridays in Lent, the Mass which is normally celebrated at 7:00 PM follows the Stations of the Cross,which starts in that time slot.  Fr. Perrone does this each Lent so that late eaters can observe the one hour fast better.   The last couple of years, he used to speak each Friday at 6:00 PM as people at their monastic suppers (soup, cheese, etc.).  This year, we went back to fish and he wasn't planning on talking, but he decided to make an appearance for a special reason.  

Fr. Perrone will do a talk on the Papacy at 6:00 PM in the gym during dinner.  In order to get into the talk, you need to buy dinner, or give a donation equal to a dinner.  He will be talking about the papacy.   Stay tuned; more to come. 

NOTE: This post has been edited with more content since it was published 30 minutes ago. 

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