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Conclave Coverage - Resources

This morning at 10:00 AM Rome time, the Mass for the Election of the Supreme Pontiff took place, celebrated by the Dean of the College of Cardinals, Cardinal Angelo Sodano.  I see Father Z was putting up a stream of screen shots and he just added the homily.

If you don't have a cable station that is streaming live events, or providing archived video, there are ways to watch online if you have decent connection speeds.   If you go to vatican.va and enter through your language choice, video will likely pop up and begin playing as soon as you enter (if something is happening live), and you will get text and video for recent events scrolling in the window.  So, this Mass, which is happening now, will be archived in that list a little later.  I see that EWTN is re-broadcasting the Mass at 5:30 PM ET.  You can also watch it streaming there.  There is also Catholic TV, but when I checked in this morning I did not see the Mass, but something else. I double checked at Catholic Television Network Detroit, which uses Catholic TV and sure enough, they did not have live coverage of the Mass that was being shown on EWTN by Vatican Radio.

Back when Pope Benedict was elected, EWTN had coverage mainly with Raymond Arroyo and Fr. Neuhaus.  While it was good, I think it is better this time as there are many more resources in Rome kind of mixing it up.  Arroyo is back in Rome again this time, but with a panel with some diverse talents, and there are others who are anchoring some of the coverage with other experts on.  Some of their recent videos discussing the process can be found at the World Over Live page.

Of course, if you have the new Pope App for iPhone/iPad, or Android, you can watch coverage there. You can always go to a coffee house or fast food joint and use their wi-fi.  This app was pushed out sooner than they expected, but from what little I've used it, it seems to work pretty good.  This is a free product of news.va.

I don't know just how much secular sources will be covering the Conclave.  I'm sure when there is white smoke, most stations will be covering.  Some of those stations might have some very good Catholic sources.  Fr. Robert Barron (Catholicism Mini-Series) has video reports at his Word on Fire website.  NBC hired him for coverage.  While I think it is great that people like Fr. Barron are being brought in to some stations for the sake of viewers who wouldn't think to use Catholic sources, I won't be watching.  I don't think even Fr. Barron will have as much freedom to speak as much as he would like, in contrast to commentary that can be found at Catholic viewing sources.  Also, I am unimpressed with who some other stations have brought in.

If you want to be notified by email or phone as soon as a Pope is announced, you can sign up at Pope Alarm.  There is a note that response was so overwhelming they can no longer guarantee phone numbers entered will work at the time of the event, but email blasts will work.  Still, you can enter your phone number for a text message and hope it works.

I'll be blogging more frequently now that the Conclave is on.  I'm home taking in some vacation time.  I'm pretty much leaving EWTN on as I do work around my house and blog.  Follow me on my Twitter feed below.   If you are following a number of Catholic sources and checking your twitter feed often, it's a great way to find out when something is about to happen.  There are Twitter accounts popping up like the @PapalSmokeStack that may be helpful, and maybe not.  I've seen false accounts of a malicious nature too, so before you follow, look at their stream of tweets and use discretion.

At 11:00 AM ET, we should see the Cardinals heading to the Sistine Chapel, with live coverage.  EWTN will be re-broadcasting this at 10:00 PM ET.  EWTN also has Conclave Coverage at 1:30 PM ET, and the encore is at 9:00 PM.  If there is a first vote today (this is not certain), we should get an indication then.

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