Saturday, March 30, 2013

About Holy Week Pictures and Video at Assumption Grotto, and more...

Around the 3:00 PM, the lights were turned out in the sanctuary, and the sun, beaming through blue stained-glass windows and the new lighting system set the altar aglow in a blue hue.

I have many pictures and some video clips between Holy Thursday and Good Friday.  I hope my allergies can be kept at bay to allow me to capture the Easter Vigil in photos tonight.  The flowers will make it quite a challenge.  I'll have to double up on the anti-histamine

I wanted to share a video clip from Holy Thursday (below). This is from the procession of the Blessed Sacrament to the Altar of Repose following the Maundy Thursday Mass (1962 Missal).  These altar boys have been in a retreat at the parish.  There is so much for them to learn in so little time during the Triduum, yet these young men show they are capable of learning, and of the self-discipline needed for this.  I have been to a few of the training sessions.  I give credit to Fr. Perrone for his willingness to put himself through this gauntlet and for the others playing the role of deacon, sub-deacon, master of ceremonies, and still others working in the background.

One interesting note about this clip, is you finally get to see what is behind the loud "clapping" once the bells fall silent after the Gloria on Holy Thursday.  We heard the crotalus during the Consecration.  We heard it again on Friday.  In the video, you will see it in action. It takes considerable wrist action, and some strength.  The video below was taken, as I said earlier, during procession after Mass when the Blessed Sacrament was taken to the Altar of Repose, where people remained with the Lord until Midnight. Look for the flower pedals on the floor, left by some little ones in procession.  I have a clip of them in video too.  that will come soon.

An iPhone 5 shot just after 11:00 PM with altar boys at Altar of Repose on Holy Thursday

Some might wonder why the ombrellino was in use rather than the canopy.  It's because the canopy is difficult to manage through the tunnels on either side of the center.  They used it up until about two years ago, then switched to the smaller ombrellino.

I have a very busy schedule as do most of you.  I think we will all have more time to look at photos and video after Easter.  For those on Facebook, I have been uploading some things there, so look through my profile.  I have not been on Twitter at all and likely won't be.  Facebook makes it easier since it is not limited in characters.  I will, however, tweet my post(s) when I pull all of this together.

Tonight is the Easter Vigil (1962 Missal) and tomorrow, the big thing will be the Orchestral Mass (visit for details).  It will be at 9:30 AM.  You can also scroll down to my last post for some details.

Oh, and lest I forget to mention it, I said we had a special visitor with us for Easter.  Here is a parting shot.

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