Saturday, January 5, 2013

Noon Sunday on Jan 6 for Epiphany at Grotto: TLM with Haydn's Lord Nelson Mass

I regret that I have not been able to get to my photos taken over the Christmas season this year.  I am hoping to get to some of it this weekend.  I will pass those on when they are done.

In the meanwhile, know that this Sunday is the last time to hear Haydn's Lord Nelson Mass. The "Tridentine" moves to the Noon time-slot this Sunday only, with the orchestral Mass.  Prelude music begins about 15-20 minutes before hand.

It's been announced that the 9:30 AM Mass (tomorrow only) will be in English.  It used to be a Latin Novus Ordo when the TLM moved to Noon.  Perhaps it will be mixed with the canon of the Mass in Latin.

It's good to see Epiphany celebrated on the same day in both forms of the Mass.

All of the priests will be busy tomorrow afternoon going to many houses blessing them.

Fr. Perrone conducting the prelude music on Christmas Eve
(Note: Flash is not permitted, which explains the darkness of his face)

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