Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Media, the March for Life, and the Opening Mass...

EDIT: With the Opening Mass now over, you can watch or listen to the Closing Mass this morning (7:30 AM ET), and the day's activities, including the March for Life, all online here:

In a little over an hour from the time of this post, the Mass on the vigil of the March for Life, is set to begin.  I am unable to participate in the March of Life, mainly because of how cold air affects my asthma.

I doubt the media will give the March for Life much coverage.  When they do show up, they focus on the 10 who are protesting those in the march.  To downplay, dismiss, or not even bother to cover one of the biggest events to hit Washington D.C. each year, is nothing less than a form of censorship by the mainstream media.  Phil Lawler has it right in his commentary: DC Reporters Struck Deaf, Blind.

I hope people will get lots of broad shots to show how big the crowds are.  Feel free to link your online web-album here in the combox.

Please pray for all involved in the March for Life, and for the many souls observing to be positively impacted.  May all make it home safely.

If you don't have cable, you can still watch the Mass tonight, and coverage tomorrow streaming live on EWTN.   Go to this page and choose an option for video, audio, etc. Some of these will work on cell phones and tablets

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